There are motorcycles and then there are sports bikes. There is a vast area of difference between the two. Anyone who is in love with this two wheeler segment of vehicles will know that while one signifies the industry as a whole, the other is meant only for the top, the most elite class of vehicles. To cut a long story short, normal motorcycles are for everyday use and tours while a sports bike is aimed at replicating on track performance of machines and providing the user with the very best in the industry, the edge of the seat stuff, a machine that is only this side of street legal. Read on to find out more about the monster on two wheels.

Performance matters:

This is what it is all about. Sports bike come equipped with the latest innovations.

  • Engine: Not just a larger displacement but also much stockier engines that pack incredibly more power. They are capable of exuding great power at the simplest of twist of the throttle. On the street, it transforms into the speed that the vehicle is capable of achieving. Over the last few decades, motorcycles have gone from a maximum of 150 km/ph to well over 300 km/ph. This is all the matter of engine capacity.
  • Technology: From traction control to dual ABS, sports bike come with significantly more to assist you in attaining the perfect drive. With its help, you can manage to pull off impossible turns that would have not been possible on an ordinary machine. Normal motorcycles do not have this much assistance from technology and are dependent almost entirely on the skill of the driver to pull off a difficult turn.
  • Pillion rider: While traditional motorcycles have the pillion rider for practicality, sports bike have no such responsibility. The rear end is either modified into a pit or is there only for thrill seekers who want to hitch a ride and see what is like to travel at super speeds. As we go further down into the sports bike segment, the rear almost disappears and the machine becomes a one man unit only.
  • Price: The biggest factor that comes to the mind when we talk about the two is the difference in price that they command. You can get a motorcycle at affordable price. But you will have to shed out relatively more if you are interested in buying a sports machine. The latter is a dedicated performance piece that is meant for performance and output, not for daily transport. Only those who carry an extreme liking for the segment like to pay the money and head out on cruises and treks.

A word at the end:

If you are looking to find one for yourself, think about the practicality. What use you have for a sports bike if you are only to use it for transport. On the other hand, if you are a fan of heavy metal bikes then sports is the way for you to go.