What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

In the last few years a number of fad diets have come up that claim to assist the practitioner in reducing the fat content and achieving the desired goal. One of such diets that came and stayed and developed quite a following is the ketogenic diet. It is a unique form of diet in which you are allowed to eat almost anything that you like as long as it is not carbohydrates. The main aim of this diet is to accommodate the body into taking energy from the fat depositions in the body and not from carbohydrates as it normally does.  The result is splendid; you slowly burn away all the accumulated deposits in your body and develop a leaner physique. Over the course of time, there has been various criticism of this diet as being unnatural and against the principal of the body but it has yielded results. The debate still rage on but the ketogenic diet has captured the market.

Response of the market:

Eateries all over the world responded to this in their own way. They have drummed up ketogenic menus, the traditional menu with a twist. You will be served all the ingredients of a burger but not the buns as they are nothing but carbohydrates; the body has to be kept away from them. You can eat fats and proteins as much as you want but eating a carbohydrate is a strict no. they had to come up with revised menus or risk losing the customer base that they had created. In this fight, profits took the upper hand and the ketogenic menu was born. Almost every leading shop has them up for display; they like to play a helping hand to the struggling practitioner by still keeping them hooked to their dishes but off the carbohydrate.

The diet and the body:

The human body has been built to perform a certain way. If you take any more than what the bodily requirements are, you will soon start to accumulate them somewhere in your body. This is how you tend to get fat over a period of time. The body is trained to take energy only from the carbohydrates that you consume, but that is the traditional way of working. In the more modern approach, one allows the body to learn how to extract energy from the fat deposits in the body or the fats that one is consuming, thus not sacrificing much but reaping the benefits just as much.

The debate:

The entire debate is about the effectiveness of ketogenic diet. While some say that the diet works wonders, others are not so vocal with their support, they say that it sends the man on a spree to eat what they like the most and the body might not get the adequate micro and macro nutrient balance that it needs. If you are having second though about your decision, try to consult an authorized dietician to find out the answer.